LCD Monitor 144hz vs 240hz for Gaming

When it comes to how good monitors are for gaming there is a debate regarding 144hz vs 240hz, as to, which one should you go for when looking for the best gaming monitors in 2019 and beyond. In many respects the debate concerning LCD Monitor 144hz vs 240hz for Gaming is a straightforward one, in that individual game players have to decide whether the minor upgrade from a 144hz monitor is actually worth taking. There are factors that should be taken into account before you make a decision. Just remember that you do not have to go for the most expensive even if you can afford it.

The 144hz vs 240hz, the debate is pointless if your GPU cannot handle it…

If you still using a 60hz monitor then you need to check out if your GPU will allow you to upgrade to a 144hz or a 240hz monitor. To know if changing your monitor is going to be worth the time and effort you need to check the fps rate that your game card can deliver. Take a test on your favorite games and only decide to change your monitor if the GPU has the capacity as low fps looks worse in 144hz or 240hz than it does in 60hz. Only spend your money if you know that upgrading will definitely give you enhanced gaming experiences.

From 60hz to 144hz is worth doing

While upgrading from 144hz to 240hz may only lead to marginal improvements moving from 60hz to 144hz is certainly worth the effort and the extra money. The images are much sharper and the graphics are enhanced. In some respects switching from 60hz means that it is like rediscovering all your games and being able to enjoy them more. Those players that have already completed the switch will not go to the lower size.

So moving from 60hz to 144 hz is a good way to spend your money and enjoy gaming more.

144hz vs 240hz the winner is not the upgrade

Now going from 144hz to 240hz does not obviously improve your gaming experience as niticibly as moving from 60hz to 120/144Hz does. If you go down to a games retailer you will not “see the difference” you will “feel” it when using the display, it will appear silky smooth with no noticible input lag. When you go ask yourself if you can tell the difference, if you cannot then keep more of your money and opt for the 144hz monitor.

Typically the upgrade is usually described as a slight or marginal improvement, honestly at this point in time we would go for a IPS 144hz instead of a 240hz TN panel.

LCD Monitor 144hz vs 240hz for Gaming Summary

If you are still using a 60hz monitor and only have enough cash to upgrade once then go for the 144hz model. You will instantly be able to see the improvement. On the other hand if you already have the 144hz stick with it as it is not worth spending your money on a 240hz monitor. Did you buy a LCD 240hz screen?, could you see the difference from 144hz?

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