Welcome to the LCD eMakes Resources section, a FREE curated list of all our friends’ and partners’ websites that we recommend for you to check out yourself!

1. Retro Gamer – A UK-Based Gaming Magazine Blog that focuses on old-school retro games and other cult classics. They produce very entertaining and high-quality content on a monthly basis.


2. Austretro Gamer – This one is a tough contender hailing from Australia. Austretro Gamer will induce nostalgia in you as you go through their content. They not only focus on the gameplay itself but also touches your feelings.

3. Indie Retro News – This is our best pick when it comes to Retro Games News. They are the best and most credible news authority when it comes to Classis / Retro Games REMAKEs, PC Ports, Re-releases and many more.

4. Retro Asylum – Retro Asylum is yet another website that will hit you back in your childhood but this time, in podcast form! Relieve your gaming experience as a kid as you listen to their content.