What is G-Sync

What is G-Sync

What is G-Sync is often an overlooked question in gaming, G Sync is a system within computer displays designed to make the graphics look prettier when you are gaming. While some games make an effort to have great graphics some do not and others fail in the attempt. However when the computer display or the laptop screen has G Sync the graphics are very much enhanced as it is designed to make sure that the graphics card in the computer is properly synced in with the monitor. It is aimed towards making the game the center of the attention not the poor quality of the display or the inconsistent graphics.

There have been earlier attempts to match the refresh rates of monitors with the speed of game cards yet none match the performance of G Sync. V Sync is the best of the runners up, and it is not the key product to solve the problems of lag and stuttering.

What is G-Sync and how does G Sync work?

The purpose of G Sync is to make sure that the graphics in a game are of a consistent standard without variations in speed or any stuttering. It uses Nvidia’s technology to do this. They have come closest to having all games synced between the monitor and the computer. Indeed to make the system spread further newer computers are having game cards installed that are already compatible with G Sync.

The basic concept is that the frames refresh rate of the games card is linked with the refresh rate per second of the monitor. Without the G Sync it can be really difficult to get the balance right and game players often get frustrated. When G Sync is in use the refresh rates will be in balance with each other and the graphics should only ever be mentioned for all of the right reasons.

Now acquiring a monitor with G Sync fitted will cost you a bit extra yet many players will prefer to pay the extra and have a better gaming experience. The addition of G Sync will add between $100 and $400 to the cost of your monitor. However you only have to compare the quality of similar models with and without G Sync to notice that it is extra dollars well spent, especially at the lower price range with $100 a bargain price to pay for better graphics.

The best way to improve graphic performance

Other earlier attempts to solve the lower speeds of game cards compared to the refresh rates of monitors have failed to match the performance of G Sync. Vertical Sync for example was less effective and did allow some computers and monitors to be synced. V Sync did not prevent tearing of the display. Also if it was disabled then it would not improve the situation at all.

G Sync is therefore the system you are best using as it brings better and more consistent picture quality. It is been improved constantly and the makes of computer that can link up to it in any case.

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