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Nostalgic gamers are thrilled to see game companies releasing their classic games again. Children of the 80s will recall the excitement of the first LCD handheld game consoles. The Atari Lynx (1989) was the first of it’s kind, quickly followed by the Nintendo Gameboy the same year. From the moment they came out portable games were beloved by children and adults alike. The ability to put a game in your pocket and take it anywhere added a new dimension to the world of video games.

Top 10 Retro LCD Portable Games


Octave Me

This 16 bit handheld console has a three inch screen and plays 100 classic games of the 80s and 90s. As of this article the Octave website is still under construction, but you can buy the OctaveMe in red and black on Amazon.

iWawa Arcade

A perfect portable console which actually looks like a miniature version of traditional arcade games. The unique design brings a touch of fun before you even turn it on. It will last you about 4 hours on three batteries, so it makes for a decent addition to any travel kit.

Pocket Sprite

Pocket Sprite

The Pocket Sprite is the smallest portable console you can buy. It is tiny enough to add to your keychain. With opensource, wifi storage and a rechargeable battery this micro console is a great way to take your classic games on the go.

GB Station Light II

At first glance this handheld could be mistaken for a controller, but the central flip top screen gives it a unique and fun design element. The GB Station is an NES emulator and plays classic Nintendo games while giving you the same feel as playing with your controller at home.

Raspberry Pi 3B+

Raspberry Pi B+

This console has a more rounded look. The headphone jack is a nice feature particularly for gamers who have sleeping children, roomates or other reasons to want a silent diversion. Sometimes you need to play without interruptions and Raspberry Pi can give you the privacy you need to fall into the world of your favorite classic game.

Sup X Gameboxsc

This sweet little device comes with well over a hundred preloaded games and uses a rechargeable lithium battery. The ability to charge it with a USB cord means more game time than portables that only take standard batteries.

Retro Pocket

Retro Pocket

Not much larger than a business card, this retro gaming option is reasonably priced and looks like a classic Nintendo controller with a screen in the center. The buttons are very responsive allowing for smooth gameplay. Between the price, size, appearance and responsiveness, the Retro Pocket is an excellent choice for your gaming on the go needs.

Hyperkin Supaboy S

From the HD quality display to the ports that allow you to plug in full size controllers, the Supaboy is one of the best retro gaming portables available. You can plug in regular SNES cartridges, so this console definitely makes it into the top 3.


X9 Handheld Game Console

The X9 is more than just a retro gaming console. It is fully rechargeable, and will play movies and music as well as the 1000 preloaded retro games it comes with and more. As handhelds go the X9 is absolutely one of the best available.

Atari Flashback Portable

The number one spot on the list goes to the Flashback. After 30 years Atari is still making quality handheld game systems. For that, they deserve top billing. Atari began the portable gaming revolution and now you can recapture the feeling of wonder they introduced with the Lynx when you hold their newest release.

Portable gaming has come a long way in 30 years, but the classics will always have a place in our hearts and our hands so I hope you get to relive your childhood by reading our quick 10 Retro LCD Portable Games Review.

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